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Clothing Apparel Launch

Watch this Space…

Menorah Media has finally decided to start an online Clothing Apparel that will be launched on the 1st of April 2020 (Very excited!!).

Just hold on – let us tell you why Menorah Media is the best online shop of your choice!!

Are you tired of an online shop that always have no stock or never have what you are looking for?

Or when you struggle with crowds in busy malls, especially over Christmas time or even on weekends. The pushing, shoving, clothes falling off hangers, searching for the right sizes, the queues… urgh!!

It’s not worth it right!

Well with a click of a button you can order online with Menorah Media where there will always be your size and color you’re looking for 😊

So we are so excited to introduce to you our brand new clothing range where we will be selling our own uniquely designed Baby grows and Toddler T-Shirts. We call it our Christian Clothing Apparel, where Children can look beautiful and display the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a variety to choose from, different designs, colors and sizes that suite your baby’s needs and you can count on this cute, inspirational, faith-based clothing to be a favourite in the closet.

And the best news is you will get delivery right to your doorstep. Sounds wonderful right…


Want to know little more about the products:

Our Baby Grows

 When buying baby grows you must always need to consider safety, comfort and practicality easy to put on. Well good news! Menorah Media’s Baby grows is 100% cotton with a soft round neck which is soothing to your baby’s skin. They are comfortable and designed to give your baby a unique look.

Our Toddler T-Shirts

To choose the right Shirts for your Toddler isn’t always that easy.                                                                                           Of course you always want them to look cute, but you also want them to be comfortable because nothing look less candid or sweet than your child tugging at itchy clothing or crying about tags.                                                              Menorah Media’s Toddler T-Shirts is a round neck shirt made from 100% cotton.

Our Shirts are designed from only the best material, good quality, fun looking and perfect for any toddlers who want to dress up in a unique kids design.

Menorah Media guarantees you an outstanding quality product with a Meaningful and Unique Design.

Now what are you waiting for? Go have a look on Menorah Media’s Website and let’s count down the time together.


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