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 Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design and Web Design

Meet The Team

Mandy Smit

Mandy is our Managing Director and the head of Design. She manages most of the daily business activities and takes care of the Social Media Marketing. She is an excellent Graphic Designer and love to put a flare of a personal touch to each Design. She is a fun loving person with a positive energy towards life. She is passionate about being creative and designing new concepts.

Claudia Bloemhoff

Claudia is our office and administrative lady. She is the "go to person" and Manage the Business’ Financials and Bookkeeping. She is very good with what she is doing and always knows how to light up the work space. She is a very friendly and soft person with a shining personality. She is a Positive thinker and always knows how to keep our clients happy.

Jacques Bloemhoff

Jacques is our Website Designer. He loves programming and to deliver our client's expectations. He loves people and building relationships with our clients. He is skilled in more than one area and his inputs are always beneficial to the business. He is a very transparent person.

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